Five Date Ideas In Malmö

This article features some fun date ideas as Valentine’s Day approaches. These dates can be enjoyed with either a partner or a group of friends. Sometimes, a little help with figuring out what to do on a date or a reminder that your relationship needs a date night can be beneficial. Hopefully, these ideas will spark your interest and inspire your next outing, whether it is with a partner or friends.

Enchanted Forest: The Quest of the Three Lost Elves

Once upon a time, three little elves had to abandon their magical home due to an evil wizard who’d conquered the Swedish forests. Follow their journey as the three little elves, after several decades, try to find their long lost home.

The best typeface for people with dyslexia

Advice to dyslexic students about the most readable fonts.

A Whale Swimming in Blue

A delicate story about inner thoughts and burdens; and a reminder that there is always help to get.

Resa billigt, miljövänligt och nyfiket som student

Som student kan det vara svårt att resa. Hur kan en typisk student med miljöångest ändå ta sig ut för att se världen?

Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy: Gone but Never Forgotten

Even with the policy being left behind, its impact on the rest of the world will not be forgotten.


The nightingale’s cinnamon wings shed a shadow alongside the rooftop.


A child’s struggle with the fear of food.

My Mother

This short story explores the special relationship between a grandchild and a grandmother.


A story about the subtle aspects we adore about someone we love through our six senses.