Modest Fashion at Slottsholmen

An insight into the Modest Fashion exhibition at Slottsholmen

A Barista’s Guide To Coffee

Malmö is a city full of cafés of all kinds, serving what has come to be known to us as the liquid gold.

Trädgårdspaletten – Malmös egna djungel

Du behöver inte längre åka till Sydamerika för att uppleva en tropisk regnskog, det räcker med att du tar buss nummer 7 till Velandergatan!

Exhibition of the Sixth Extinction

A free exhibition called “The winners and losers in Swedish nature” has been put on display at Gustav Adolfs torg, and here’s why.

1. Mars: Semmeldagen

There are two things that Swedish people take really seriously: chanterelles and semlor.

Lessons from a day without Buses

No buses in Malmö were driving. What was left to do?

8 Best Places to Visit in Malmö

The third largest city in Sweden has many interesting places to see. Like these!

Malmö: a new home and a new beginning (and lots of good food)

Leaving your home behind for your education is tough.

Finding apartments in Malmö

A place to live is not guaranteed simply because you got accepted to Malmö University.

SUM takes a summer vacation!

Sum is taking a break over the summer and will be back in September 2021.