Debt for Climate Demonstration – Malmö

What is the relationship between colonialism and climate justice? Demonstrations around the world demand for the Global North to pay their climate debt.

Badhuset ett bra hus

Nya badhuset droppen som gör Arlöv värt ett besök

Theme Days at the Writing Center: Are They Worth Your Time?

Malmö University hosts voluntary writing seminars for its students. But does anyone go to these things, and are they worth attending at all?

Första Maj

Första Maj or the International Workers’ Day. What does it look like in Sweden, especially in Malmö?

Trädgårdspaletten – Malmös egna djungel

Du behöver inte längre åka till Sydamerika för att uppleva en tropisk regnskog, det räcker med att du tar buss nummer 7 till Velandergatan!

Say F-A-T. Say that F-A-T is beautiful

F-A-T. How does this word sound to you? What do you feel when you think about it?

Finding apartments in Malmö

A place to live is not guaranteed simply because you got accepted to Malmö University.

Malmös nya HBTQ-bokhandel: en queer fristad

Page 28 har samlat queera berättelser som antingen är av, för eller med queera personer.

Guide to thrifting on a student budget

How, when and where to to get started with your new type of shopping.