Enchanted Forest: The Quest of the Three Lost Elves

Photo/illustration: Georgina Lask

Enchanted Forest:
The Quest of the Three Lost Elves

By: Georgina Lask






Once upon a time, three little elves had to abandon their magical home due to an evil wizard who’d conquered the Swedish forests. Decades passed and the wizard lost his power, leaving the forests free again. So the three little elves decided to find their long lost magical home, built deep in the forest of ‘’Tallriken’’. 







They began their long journey full of excitement!

They walked miles and miles, climbed many trees and crossed many mountains covered with snow. Winter had arrived and everything was bright and beautifully snowed. The elves loved wintertime! Their noses and hands were cold, but their hearts were warm. 

When they got tired they slept on flowers or rested on a man-made bench, being cautious not to be seen by human beings.

After months of wandering, they reached the ‘’Big Lake’’ which surrounded the island where their home could be found. To their surprise, the lake was completely frozen, making it much easier and faster for them to cross it. They felt their excitement grow as they approached the island.







There it was! Their long lost home!








They climbed up a tree to check for humans and the evil wizard. Everything seemed safe.









They were finally home and so happy . . .

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