Recommendations for indie games with spooky vibes. Let these three stories enrich your fall!

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day!

Curious about the history of the cinnamon bun and where to get it?

The Beauty of Malmö in Spring

Sometimes, it is very difficult to describe beauty with words.

Filmrecension: Ruva (2022)

Finsk skräckdebut med många lager

Modest Fashion at Slottsholmen

An insight into the Modest Fashion exhibition at Slottsholmen

Exhibition of the Sixth Extinction

A free exhibition called “The winners and losers in Swedish nature” has been put on display at Gustav Adolfs torg, and here’s why.

1. Mars: Semmeldagen

There are two things that Swedish people take really seriously: chanterelles and semlor.

Comparing prison systems in a Christmas critical context

And the importance of critiquing your environment for the sake of change and reform.

Object not found: NFTs and the paradox of authenticity in art

What are NFT’s? Are art collectors paying millions for screenshots?

Från dröm till debut

Nina Pascoal berättar hur hon publicerade sin första bok och tog stegen mot författaryrket.