Happy Cinnamon Bun Day!

Photo: Julie Inksmith

Happy Cinnamon Bun day!

By: Julie Inksmith

4th of October 2022

Finally! The time has come to celebrate that sweet roll with the classical and delicious cinnamon–sugar filling, that we all love. Well, unless you’re allergic to cinnamon, then you might not be as excited. Nonetheless, where did the Swedish cinnamon bun come from?

A cinnamon bun, or kanelbulle, is a staple in the Swedish Fika culture and dates back to the 1920s when products like butter and sugar became more accessible after the First World War. It is said that the bakers at the time wanted to make something different from the ordinary and popular wheat bread. Thereupon came that classical cinnamon–sugar filling and, later on, the cinnamon bun as we know it today was born.


However, Cinnamon Bun Day itself wasn’t celebrated until decades later. In 1999, the hembakningsrådet (the Home Baking Council) wanted to celebrate their 40th anniversary by honouring the cinnamon bun on an annual basis. Today, around seven million buns are sold on Cinnamon Bun Day, which doesn’t include the ones that people might bake at home. Almost 60% of the Swedish population decide to enjoy a tasty cinnamon bun and nearly 50% of employers decide to treat their employees. So, what should you do?


Go grab yourself a cinnamon bun at a local bakery or grocery store before they sell out, or you can bake one yourself, we recommend this recipe for you. You can also get one at Niagra between 10-14 tomorrow from Studentkåren. If you are vegan, you can get some vegan cinnamon buns at Bageri Leve. 


Have a wonderful Cinnamon Bun Day!


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