Five Date Ideas In Malmö

This article features some fun date ideas as Valentine’s Day approaches. These dates can be enjoyed with either a partner or a group of friends. Sometimes, a little help with figuring out what to do on a date or a reminder that your relationship needs a date night can be beneficial. Hopefully, these ideas will spark your interest and inspire your next outing, whether it is with a partner or friends.

Cheap Living in Malmö – Food Edition

A local’s tips and tricks for thriving on a student budget.

Debt for Climate Demonstration – Malmö

What is the relationship between colonialism and climate justice? Demonstrations around the world demand for the Global North to pay their climate debt.

Happy Cinnamon Bun Day!

Curious about the history of the cinnamon bun and where to get it?

We are back!

SUM is back at work, looking for creators.

Modest Fashion at Slottsholmen

An insight into the Modest Fashion exhibition at Slottsholmen

Trädgårdspaletten – Malmös egna djungel

Du behöver inte längre åka till Sydamerika för att uppleva en tropisk regnskog, det räcker med att du tar buss nummer 7 till Velandergatan!

Exhibition of the Sixth Extinction

A free exhibition called “The winners and losers in Swedish nature” has been put on display at Gustav Adolfs torg, and here’s why.

1. Mars: Semmeldagen

There are two things that Swedish people take really seriously: chanterelles and semlor.

Lessons from a day without Buses

No buses in Malmö were driving. What was left to do?