A letter to Superman

Illustration: Jonathan Gartmark 

A letter to Superman

By: Natalie Karimi

23rd December 2022

Dear Superman, 


Do you wear a cape in real life like you do in movies? If you ever come by, can I try it on? 


Last Friday my teacher said that our homework for the weekend was to write about our hero.  He said  that heroes can be found everywhere. Sometimes they go to their children’s swimming classes while others dress up as Santa on Christmas Eve or teach you how to tie your shoes so you don’t trip. They give flowers to their sons and daughters at dance recitals. I’ve seen heroes go to father- daughter dances at my school. They carry you on their shoulders, and “neigh” like a horse when giving you a piggy-back ride. Once in a while, they perform magic tricks like swallowing cards or pulling coins from behind your ears. When summer comes they buy endless amounts of ice cream, pretending to be the ice cream man, and when winter arrives they cause a world war three snowball fight. But when autumn flies by, they use a leaf blower and create a tornado of fallen leaves with you in the middle. It is as if you become the center of the solar system, the moon in their heart, witnessing nothing but amber and auburn colors in every direction. My sister says they will be the first ones to hug you at graduation when you’re all grown up, for you are the center of their solar system. 


I went to the movie theater and saw you fight off villains in films. My mom says I should dress up as you for Halloween. In the comic books I read that you willingly fly to any city around the world to rescue your loved ones. They say that “as long as Superman is around there is no need to fear, for he will save the day”. I try to be like you. When my friend fell on the playground during recess, I hurried and brought him a band aid because I knew that it is something you would do!


Superman, where are you? 

I have searched for you everywhere. At my soccer matches where I looked at the crowd , jumped and yelled “Siu!” like Ronaldo each time I scored a goal. I have even searched for you in the little white bottles of pills that mom takes. She always mumbles your name after she eats them. At times I go to the garage and open the toolbox to see if you have moved any screwdrivers, because superheroes always like to fix things. Are you hiding? You were not at my older sister’s highschool graduation to be the first one to hug her. You never dressed up as Santa for Christmas, and you never made me the center of your solar system.  


I have waited for ages to find you, but you have never saved my day. 

Superman, I saved myself from evil. 




Mahshid, the moon in your heart. 


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